Lauren and Max
Lauren and Max

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Our Story

Lauren and Max met in 2013 as proud TCU Horned Frogs going into their junior year of college. That semester Max decided to take Lauren, a Delta Gamma, on a romantic first date to QDOBA burrito eatery days before his Sig Ep formal. It could have been the burritos, maybe the dancing, certainly the drinks, but the two have been together ever since. As you can see, greek life was a big deal in those days, and as Max was contemplating the important things in life, on route to Sig Ep Brotherhood, he asked Lauren to formally be his girlfriend, on Facebook. Well played, Max.
Lauren and Max have spent their relationship thus far laughing, supporting, and loving each other. Some might be surprised to know that Max was actually the first to say, "I love you.” Well, it was more like, “I love Kai, and I love you”, but that still counts! And his love for Kai is what melted Lauren’s heart from the start. While his Sig Ep brothers would hang out with Lauren and her friends, Max would be sitting on the floor loving on, a then tiny, little Kai. Some things about these two and their relationship has not changed. Anyone who knows them, knows they are obsessed with their dogs, Kai and Turkey. You can frequently find the foursome at the park (just like their engagement day) or at one of their many favorite dog-friendly brunch spots.
When they can muster up the strength to leave their puppers, Lauren and Max love to support their favorite Dallas sports teams, go to concerts, and frequent fun spots like the Dallas Aquarium and Arboretum. They also love to travel together. Some of their favorites have been their first trip to New York, frequenting New Orleans or Valley View Ranch in Colorado, and of course the beaches of Mexico or Puerto Rico.
These two have created a loving home, family, and life together since their start in 2013, and by the time we are all together to celebrate the couple again in November they will have been together for over 9 years. Beyond Kai and Turkey, Lauren and Max love their amazing family and incredible friends. It’s the celebration of their love, with all the people they love the most, that makes them so excited to officially be Mr. and Mrs. McDermott.
-Kristen Polito (Matron of Honor)